Resource này bao gồm:

    • Introduction
    • Google Cloud Platform Introduction part 1
    • Google Cloud Platform Introduction Part 2 – Services
    • Core Services
    • Background Database and Storage Service
    • Background Networking Service
    • Cloud Interfaces
    • Cloud Console
    • Cloud Shell
    • Cloud SDK
    • Cloud SDK Installations
    • Cloud API
    • Compute Service Overview
    • Load Balancer Auto Scaling High Availability illustrations
    • GCP -Compute Engine Linux VM Demo
    • GCP – GCE Windows Machine Demo
    • Google Cloud Platform Storage and Database Service
    • Cloud SQL
    • Cloud Spanner
    • Google Platform Networking
    • Google Cloud Interconnect
    • GCP Networking Bastion Host demo
    • Platform Management and Monitoring
    • GCP BigData Solutions Overview
    • GCP AI Machine Learning
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