Resource này bao gồm:

  • Introduction
  • Set up VPS Subscription
  • Create a VPS and Access it
  • Install Nginx with Package Manger in Ubuntu
  • Install Nginx with Package Manager in CentOS
  • Building Nginx from Source in Ubuntu
  • Building Nginx from Source in CentOS
  • Configure NGINX sevice to Manage with Systemd
  • Understanding Nginx configuration contexts
  • Create a virtual host and host a demo website
  • Host multiple sites within a Nginx Web Server
  • Understanding Location Block with its Modifiers
  • Install PHP configure PHP processing and troubleshoot 502 Bad Gateway
  • Install and Secure MySQL Server
  • Get a less than 1 Domain Name
  • Configure Name Servers in Domain Registrars CP
  • Understanding and Configuring a Floating IP
  • Configure DNS Zone Records
  • Configure Server Name in Nginx
  • Install Lets Encrypt SSL and Configure for HTTPS
  • Renew SSL Certificate to be valid for 1 year
  • Install PhpMyAdmin and Link it to a Website
  • Minimize vulnerability in PhpMyAdmin
  • Apply Extra Layer of Security in PhpMyAdmin
  • Create a Database User Account and Grant Privileges
  • PHP Extensions for WordPress and Modify Location Block in Nginx
  • Install Configure and Test WordPress on Nginx
  • Completing WordPress Installation and Configuration
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