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  • Welcome to Business Intelligence with Power BI
  • Getting Started with Power BI
  • Connecting to File Datasources
  • Connecting to Server Datasources
  • Deploying the Data Gateway
  • Import and DirectQuery Connections
  • Power Query_ Layout
  • Power Query_ Data Types
  • Power Query_ Filtering
  • Power Query_ Splitting and Merging
  • Power Query_ Basic Transformations
  • Power Query_ Pivoting and Transposing
  • Power Query_ Adding Columns
  • Power Query_ Applying Business Rules with Conditional Columns
  • Power Query_ Parameters
  • Power Query_ Merging Queries (JOINs)
  • Power Query_ Handling NULL
  • Power Query_ Error Handling
  • Power Query_ Cleaning Text Fields
  • Relationships
  • Formatting Data in Columns
  • DAX_ Introduction
  • DAX_ Basic Calculations
  • DAX_ Introduction to Iterator (X) Calculations
  • DAX_ Implementing Iterator (X) Functions
  • DAX_ Basic Logical Functions
  • DAX_ SWITCH Logical Function
  •  DAX_ Variables (VAR)
  • DAX_ CALCULATE Function
  • DAX_ FILTER Function
  • DAX_ Date and Time Functions
  • DAX_ Text Functions
  • DAX_ Ranking (RANKX)
  • DAX_ Quick Measures from the GUI
  • Data Hierarchies
  • Visualizing for Cheaters with Q&A
  • Report Pane
  • Line Chart
  • Slicers
  • Bar Charts
  • Pie Chart (Treemap)
  • KPIs
  • Gauge
  • Maps
  • Publishing a Report to the Power BI Service
  • Creating and Sharing Dashboards
  • Collaborating in Private Groups with App Workspaces
  • Implementing Row Level Security (RLS)
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