This book is for anyone who’s interested in ideas and examples to help build useful and entertaining chatbot interactions. While all of the examples in this book are in Ruby, an experienced programmer can translate them into any language.

This book is equal parts entertainment, instruction, and inspiration. If you’re not a confident programmer, don’t worry. All of the code examples are tested and executable—you can download, run, and expand on these examples later as needed.

Resource này gồm có:

  • File tài liệu Build Chatbot Interaction định dạng pdf và epub

The team that produced this book includes:

  • Publisher: Andy Hunt
  • VP of Operations: Janet Furlow
  • anaging Editor: Susan Conant
  • Development Editor: Tammy C
  • Indexing: Potomac Indexing, LLC
  • Layout: Gilson Graphics

Bạn phải đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để có thể xem nội dung này !


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