Resource này bao gồm:

  • Introduction to Course
  • Lecture Source Control
  • Demo Installing Git
  • Lecture Types of Source Control Systems
  • Demo Working with Distributed Source Control Locally (Git)
  • Lecture Authentication to Git Repos
  • Lecture Branching Strategies
  • Lecture Organizing Git Repos
  • Lecture Overview of Azure DevOps
  • Demo Setting up Azure DevOps Demo Generator
  • Lecture Azure Repos
  • Demo Git Credential Manager, Version Control w Azure Repos, & Importing Cloning Forking Branching Pull Requests
  • Lecture Azure Pipelines
  • Demo Integrate Jenkins with Azure Pipelines
  • Demo CICD Pipelines AZ DevOps Project
  • Lecture Analyze and Integrate Multi-Stage Files
  • Demo Deploying a Multi-Container Application to AKS
  • Lecture Parallel Jobs
  • Lecture Build Agents
  • Lecture Private Agents
  • Lecture Security for Software Configuration
  • Lecture Manage Secrets & Certificates
  • Demo Azure Key Vault and Azure Pipelines
  • Lecture Mobile DevOps
  • Lecture Visual Studio App Center
  • Lecture Manage Mobile Target Device Sets & Distribution Groups
  • Lecture Public Private Distribution Groups
  • Lecture Manage Target UI Test Device Sets
  • Lecture Provision Tester Devices for Deployment
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