Resource này bao gồm:

  • Introduction
  • The AWS Free Tier
  • Monitoring Billing
  • Securing the Root Account
  • Creating an IAM User
  • Introducing S3
  • Registering a Domain Name
  • Policies
  • Setting Up an S3 Bucket
  • Introducing the AWS CLI
  • Deploying to S3 through the CLI
  • Introducing Route 53
  • Setting Up DNS
  • Creating a SSL Certificate
  • Clientside Routing and S3
  • Setting Up a WWW Subdomain
  • Creating a Cloudfront Distribution
  • ReRouting DNS
  • CloudFront Overview
  • Error Pages with CloudFront
  • Cache Invalidations
  • Introducing CICD with Travis CI
  • Setting Up a Travis Configuration File
  • Creating Another IAM User and Policy
  • Pushing a Change with CI
  • Build Pipeline Review
  • Introducing LambdaEdge
  • Solving ClientSide Routing Issues
  • Swapping Out Image Requests Exercise
  • Adding Security Headers
  • Redirecting Responses
  • Final Thoughts
  • QA
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