Resource này bao gồm:

  • Introduction – AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • Getting Started – AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • Understanding Regions and Availability Zones
  • Getting started with AWS Virtual Servers – EC2 Service and EC2 Instances
  • Take care of Billing in the Cloud
  • Load Balancing Solutions in AWS – Elastic Load Balancing
  • Designing Solutions with EC2 and ELB for AWS Architects
  • Getting started with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • Getting Started with Container Solutions in AWS – ECS, Fargate and EKS
  • Architect Serverless Solutions with AWS Lambdas and API Gateway
  • Architect Your Private Networking Solutions in AWS with VPC and Subnet
  • Getting Started with Amazon S3 – Object Storage in AWS
  • Getting Started with IAM – Identity and Access Management in AWS
  • Data Encryption Solutions in AWS – KMS and Cloud HSM
  • Block Storage Solutions in AWS – Elastic Block Storage EBS and Instance Store
  • File Storage Solutions in AWS – EFS and FSx
  • Getting Started with AWS Storage Gateway
  • Getting Started with Databases
  • Architect Relational Databases Solutions in AWS with RDS
  • Architect Scalable Database Solutions in AWS with Amazon DynamoDB
  • Architect Caching Solutions in AWS with Amazon ElastiCache
  • Exploring AWS CloudTrail, CloudWatch and Config
  • Architect Asynchronous Communication Solutions in AWS with SQS, SNS and MQ
  • Architect Solutions for Content Distribution with Amazon CloudFront
  • Getting Started with Route 53 – AWS Domain Registrar and DNS
  • Switching to Architecture Mode
  • Big Data and ETL Solutions in AWS
  • Architect Simplified Big Data Solutions with AWS Data Lakes
  • Streaming Solutions – Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, Data Firehose & Analytics
  • More Serverless Solutions in AWS
  • Connecting AWS with On Premise Data Centers
  • Architect Solutions for Moving Data from On Premises to AWS
  • DevOps Solutions in AWS
  • AWS Certification – FAQ
  • More AWS Services for a Solutions Architect
  • Architectural Best Practices – Well Architected Framework and More
  • Getting Ready for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • Practice Test
  • Before You Go
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