Resource này bao gồm:

  • 1. Course Contents
  • Web Server Planning
  • (CentOS) Linux Server Installation and Updates
  • Installing Core Packages for Web Server
  • Managing Linux Services
  • Installing LAMP
  • Configuring MariaDB (Database Server)
  • Managing Firewall with IPTables
  • IPTables Demos
  • Sample IPTables Ruleset Used in This Course
  • Configure Automatic Updates
  • Configuring SSH Server
  • Deploying a WordPress on CentOS
  • What is Fail2Ban How to use it
  • Installing SSL Certificate on CentOS
  • Bonus Chapter – Cloud Deployment
  • 2. Updates Configuring Ubuntu Web Server (Local Host)
  • Apache Web Server on Ubuntu Server 18.04
  • Download Putty for Remote Connection
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